Last blog of the semester

27 Apr

I’m really sad that this class has to end because I feel close to everyone in the class. This class was really easy to stay focused in, it was also my favorite class…. ever (:. The things that we were required to do took up a lot of time but we had a lot of support from our instructor. This is the part that I will miss the most. Also the labs that we were in made it easier for us to seek help. It was evident that the instructor wanted to help us, even if we were being difficult and did not seek the help. I hope my future instructors resemble her in her willingness to help.



27 Apr

I think that my reflection would go much smoother if I sit down and complete it at one time. I also think that the five pages will be easy for me to write because¬†I am a very descriptive writer. Although I don’t want to do it all that much, I’ll just have to suck it up and get ‘er done. I have a pretty good start on it, it’s just nowhere near complete. I should be done with it by Monday at the latest.

advice on portfolio 3

27 Apr

When you start portfolio 3 it will seem like a lot to manage but it’s not really that bad once you start on it and get dedicated to finishing it. The video is the easiest part and you will get to show most of your originality and creativity. This part is also sort of fun. At first it will seem that the story boards are no use to you because you would rather just wing it instead of planning but the story boards actually help to keep your thoughts in order. This also ensures that your video will be in order and not jumping all around. After the fun is over it’s back to the paper work ūüėź this part is what will take the most thought because¬†you have to take into account all of the methods that you used and why they were used. This is also something that should not be put off until the last-minute (I know from experience). I hope this was helpful to you and good luck on your portfolio. (:



23 Apr

Public service announcements¬†(PSA) gets¬†out attention by putting us in another¬†person’s shoes to get us to do or not do¬†certian¬†things. Such as when Wanda Sykes wanted to get people to stop saying the word gay she substituted the word gay to describe the boy who¬†said the word. For my audience I could tell youth that gangs are bad and I could show them that they are bad by telling the injuries that they may face nad the gangs may give them a possible chance of death. I reverse that by showing a child do well in school and being¬†successful. I also ended it by saying the choice is yours so that is giving people the chance to act on not being associated with gangs.

Reflective overview

23 Apr

In my video I didn’t use a lot of pictures but there is a balance of pictures and text. I feel like it is more effective to set up a mental image before popping a picture in the video. The¬†theme of my video is about a child that grew up in/ around gangs compared to a child that was not in/ around gangs. I chose to add the piece about the children that grew up the right way because I wanted to end m video on a positive note. My story line is that children have easier access to weapons they often take these weapons to school and frighten the children that are not in gangs. They also use school as a place to recruit new members and they may also kill people who¬†don’t want to be in their gangs. Also, the members can face serious injury like being in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives or even death. Then I flip the story and show a child that does good in school and¬† graduates high school without getting in gangs. Ultimately, the decision is up to the child so they choose whichever road they want to travel.

my video presentation

23 Apr

I presented my video to the class on last Thursday. Overall it went well. the majority of the feed back were about my¬†slides¬†going by¬† too fast and the color threw some people off. I think the blue and red suited my topic so I’m going to keep that but I will slow the slides down. I just didn’t want the slides to be too slow but I ended up making them too fast. I also got good feedback on the music that I should use.

What I need to work on

16 Apr

My project is coming along well. I present in class on Thursday and I think that things will come along fine. I still need help on different kinds of music that I can use and different ways that I can help appeal to the youth. While I’m reaching ¬†out to the youth I can pull on the hearts of many parents whose children have fallen out of line. I have more ideas that I can add in my video, I just don’t know how to incorporate these ideas into the video. My thoughts may be more than what I know how to do, but as long as I¬†have a good video I will be satisfied.